Parade on June 2, 2024 in New York in support of long-suffering Israel


The parade on June 2 in New York in support of our long-suffering Israel and its hostages left a strong impression on me and a deep emotional response.

Honestly, I've loved parades/demonstrations since childhood! We grew up on them! I didn't miss a single one in my previous life. And here, in New York, I also always enjoyed attending demonstrations in support of Israel until I moved to San Diego. I've always liked the energy of parades, which, despite their duration, didn't make me feel tired. And now I felt the same thing – the energy and enthusiasm of the participants somehow rejuvenate you and make you more resilient. You see the undisguised patriotism of those marching beside you, their lack of fear of possible protests by antagonists, and the sense of solidarity with everyone who joined this event for the sake of Israel! And how wonderful it was that our children were among us! It was so pleasant to realize that there were people aged from 5 to 80 in our column! And how many new and interesting acquaintances we made during the preparations and waiting! And how many interesting exchanges of opinions took place during this time! And how pleasing it was to our female ears when people standing behind the barriers, reading the gold-written text on our maroon velvet banner "Congress of Bukharian Jews of USA and Canada. WOMEN DIVISION," shouted loudly to us: "Salute to power women," "Salute to Bukharian Jewish women!" How wonderful it was that we showed the whole world our Bukharian Jewish community!

Everything was as it should be at a parade. Everyone was smiling at each other. No one complained about anything! Not about fatigue, not about the heat, not about the long wait to "get on stage." Everyone was happy with the weather (hot, humid, so what!) and enjoyed the pleasant communication. Everyone was united by one idea – we are many, we will not let Israel disappear, and we will help as much as we can to return its hostages. Everything was more than great, and all this is visible in this collage of numerous photos:

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